The Infiltrend 'Case Study' series has launched.

Using fictional scenarios,  a run through of influencer marketing and Infiltrend can be seen from each one. In each case, a brand from a different industry discusses their need for Infiltrend and how they plan to work with influencers. In turn, the influencers discuss how to turn a brand request into content. The Infiltrend campaign structure also comes into play.

Let's look at how branded content is created and shared by influencers through Infiltrend.

A case study based on a food outlet, a cafe, uses influencer marketing to grow its audience. They have selected a Pay Per Click Campaign.

A fashion retailer aimed at a younger audience embracing influencer marketing through a Pay Per Click Campaign.

Our latest brand is a food distribution & manufacturing company 'Only Good Food'.

A travel company who organizes tours for foodies has chosen to engage with influencer marketing for the first time to drive awareness to the services that they offer.