How can you Brand get started with Infiltrend?

Welcome, first of all.

You’ll find your way in no time; Infiltrend is super simple to use, here's a summary of what we will be going through to ensure you know how to use our platform:

  1. Find Influencers
  2. Create Campaigns
  3. Add Influencers To Campaigns
  4. Payment
    1. Setting Budgets For Pay Per Click
    2. Setting Budgets For Pay Per Campaign
  5. Campaign Goes Live
  6. Editing Campaigns
  7. Data

Find Influencers

This is what you’re here to do, right? Head to Discover Influencers to start.

With Infiltrend, both you and influencers can find each other and request a connection. Of course, if an influencer adds you, the connection can be accepted or refused from your side.

Our directory of talented influencers spans different fields, vertices, and types, and of course, it’s infinitely searchable; by name, audience size, industry and so on.

Find the influencers that best suit your brand and product and connect with them. From here on, you can build a working relationship with the influencer.

Discover Influencers

Create campaigns

The next big thing you are here to do is create campaigns. To do this, head to New Campaign.

Use Infiltrend to build your campaign briefs and to select the influencers who should work on the campaign. It’s up to you, the brand, to select either all the influencers you are connected to, or specific ones of your choosing. Influencers will then take your campaign brief & create brand content or a branded story to share across their social media profiles.

Our campaign creation is simple, we have 4 simple steps through which you can fill out a Campaign Brief. You can view some of our tips for submitting a brief here.

When planning a campaign you should know that we offer two types of campaigns which you will select at step 1:

‘Pay Per Click’ – allows influencers to create a campaign which when clicked upon will direct users to the link you want (e.g. your website, dedicated landing page, or Facebook page). The link within the campaign will be tracked whether the influencer shares it on their blog or social media profiles. Each time a customer clicks, you will pay the figure you want. Only valid clicks count.

‘Pay Per Campaign’ – We recommend ‘Pay Per Campaign’ if you want to run a campaign without a trackable link. We suggest this if you want the influencer to run a campaign on social networks with no link tracking options, such as Snapchat.

Content Instructions

In your brief,  add information relating to the type of content & designs you would like your influencers to use. You must provide them with content instructions as well as images. You should specify whether the content ideas and images you are providing are suggestions or if they should actually be used in the content the influencers create.

Based on this, your chosen influencers turn your brief into attractive content they know will work with their specific audience.

Add influencers to campaigns

Through our easy-to-use campaign upload form, you can select the influencers you want onboard, and sit back while Infiltrend sends out requests.

Your campaign will then be accepted or rejected by the influencers you chose. When an influencer accepts or rejects your campaign invite, you’ll get notified.

Payment & fees

Once you’ve approved all your campaign details, we ask that payment is made towards the campaign budget. Pick whatever budget works for you. A booking fee is charged per campaign; this is added to your itemised invoice. This is non-refundable. 

Setting budgets for Pay Per Click

A Pay Per Click campaign budget is an estimate of the maximum amount of conversions you would like to achieve in this campaign. Each click is counted as a conversion.

Pick the price you’re happy to pay for each click. The amount you have chosen is displayed to the influencer.  If throughout the campaign you are getting more clicks than anticipated, you can top-up your account to ensure the campaign keeps on running.

If at the end of the campaign you still have clicks left, their value will be reimbursed as extra funds in your wallet, which you can choose to leave there, or else request a refund.

Setting budgets for Pay Per Campaign

Pay Per Campaign budgets work with a lump sum, so you chose how many influencers to work with, and what fee each should receive. Influencers will then receive the lump sum allocated to them per campaign.

Campaign goes live

Once you have submitted the necessary details and funds, your campaign will move to ‘scheduled campaign’. You can see you campaign in the View Campaigns section. When your start date arrives, the campaign will automatically move to ‘active campaigns’. Whilst the campaign is live, don’t forget to look at the influencers you chose to work with via their social media profiles and blogs.

Amending Campaigns

Pause Campaigns

You can pause a campaign whilst it is running. All promotions will cease immediately. Influencers will immediately be notified. Any clicks generated will still need to be paid out. You can also re-activate at a later date.

You can edit a campaign while it is live and running, however, you are only allowed to increase the maximum clicks or cost per clicks.

You can end a campaign while it is running and before the 'end date' you originally set has arrived, however, be aware that the campaign will no longer be tracked. All conversions/clicks already generated by influencers will need to be paid. The Influencer will also be immediately notified.

If a campaign has been confirmed but its start date has not yet begun, you can end the campaign and the campaign will become a suspended campaign. Any influencers who were working on content for this campaign will also be notified.

Data & Analysis

Stay on top of what is happening by looking at our campaign dashboard where you’ll get up-to-the-minute data of what conversions are being generated by which influencer. Monitor the campaign’s performance with actual, live data!

Once a campaign ends you can get a comprehensive summary of performance, broken down by time, day, source, and much more, as well as compare to any past or upcoming campaigns.