So, how do influencers get started with Infiltrend?

Hello influencer!

You’ll find your way in no time; Infiltrend is super simple to use. This is what we will cover in our Guide:

  1. Discover And Connect With Brands
  2. Join A Campaign
  3. Create Your Content
  4. Payments And Fees
    1. Getting Paid for Pay Per Click
    2. Getting Paid for Pay Per Campaign
  5. Editing Campaigns
  6. Data And Analysis

Discovering Brands

Use our search to find and discover brands you’d love to promote and develop valuable brand partnerships with.

Connect to the brands you want, then wait for them to accept. Brands can connect with you themselves too.

Discover Brands

Join a campaign

Once you are connected to brands, you will start being invited to work on their campaigns.  Navigate our Campaigns page with the following guidelines:

  • Upcoming Campaigns - All campaigns that the Brands you follow have published.
  • My Campaigns - All campaigns that you are invited to work on or have worked on.
  • Active Campaigns - All campaigns you are working on and are active right now.
Campaign Influencer Dashboard

When a campaign is sent to you, you will be able to view the full details. If you feel the campaign is relevant to you and your audiences, accept and get ready to develop some exciting content. You may choose to reject a campaign for any reason too.

Campaign Details

Create Your Content

Once a campaign has been agreed upon, start creating your content based on the instructions clearly outlined by the brand. Once start date arrives, start sharing the content you’ve created for the campaign.

Always keep in line with the brand instructions; remember you are to adhere to the agreement you accepted to promote the campaign. Always use the link that is provided to you in your content. Embed it whenever you can and drive your audience to it. Any clicks that link generates will be tracked by Infiltrend and you will receive your cost per click associated with that campaign.

We encourage you to be authentic and honest in your posts and keep to your brand reputation as an influencer. Your audience loves your authenticity. If you feel that your audience may respond badly to perceived product placement, go ahead and clearly disclose that the post is sponsored. Up to you; you know your audience best!

Payment & fees

a. Getting Paid for Pay Per Click

In Pay Per Click campaigns, your fee will be the amount of clicks you have generated for the campaign, multiplied by the campaign amount that the brand has outlined. For example; you have generated 100 clicks for a campaign with a CPC of €1, so you will be due €100 less the fee towards the platform.

b. Getting Paid for Pay Per Campaign

If the campaign was set up as Pay Per Campaign, your fee will be the full amount less the fee due to the platform

Editing Campaigns

Brands may decide to make changes to campaigns you are involved in, and you will be notified of any changes, however we want to you know what changes these could be;

Ending campaigns whilst running – If a campaign you are working on has started, a brand may chose to end this for whatever reason. You will be immediately notified and all clicks generated by you until that point will still be paid out to you.

Ending campaigns that have not yet started – A brand may opt to cancel a scheduled campaign prior to its start date. You will be notified immediately, and should of course stop working on any content you may have begun to create for the campaign.

Pausing campaigns  - If a campaign is running, brands may chose to pause it for a moment and re-run at a later stage. You will be immediately notified and all clicks generated by you until that point will still be paid out to you.

Editing Campaigns- A campaign that is running can be edited. The only parameters that can be edited are an increase in the maximum clicks or cost per clicks; decreasing is not allowed.


Data & analysis

Whilst the campaign is running, and once it has ended, keep an eye on your data and what clicks you were responsible for.

See how you can improve your clicks for the brand or compare clicks generated for different brands. Get a sense of the type of sponsored campaigns your audiences prefer, and learn more about how best to optimise your future campaigns.

Influencer Dashboard