Submitting your Campaign Brief with Infiltrend is easy to do.

Our Brief consists of 4 steps and each step asks for information so that once the end user receives it, they have a good idea of the type of campaign and content they need to create & work on.

We just want to remind you that once you have submitted your Brief, Infiltrend will automatically send this to your chosen influencers. The influencers will receive a summary of what you have inputted in the Campaign Brief. They then have the option to accept to work on the campaign or reject it. Once they accept, the full Brief is sent to them.

Infiltrend has created a guide to give you an understanding of how best to fill out the form. We will use the fictional example of a brand, Rose & Co & fill out the brief as they would.

Rose & Co is a luxury boutique selling fashion accessories and clothes. They have a physical shop as well as an online shop. Rose & Co, wants to promote a new collection which you can find in-store and online.

Step 1

In Step 1 , you need to give an overall idea of the of what the scope & purpose of the campaign is.

Your goal must be clearly outlined here.

Campaign Brief Step 1
Point 1

The Campaign Title will be viewable by the influencers. It should reflect the scope of the campaign.

Rose & Co would use "Rose & Co New Collection Launch"

Campaign Link or a URL is necessary. This should be the link to a website, landing page, facebook page or any destination you would like readers to discover.

Influencers will see the URL shortner of followed by a unique code in the campaign brief, that they receive. They will embed this in any content that they create which, when clicked on, will result in a conversion. Once clicked on, they are re-directed to the URL you want.

For the Rose & Co example, we will use- "www.Rose&".

Next add a Campaign Brief to give the influencers enough information to know what the scope of the campaign is. They know why they are working on the campaign and what the content they will produce is about.

Rose & Co would add "We have launched a new collection and we want our customers to know that they can buy this in store or online. If you blog about it, you can use the logos & images we submit in the next step. If you mention us on SM, you can also use the images we have provided or we suggest you take an image/video or our website or store front & highlight, with excitement, that the new collection has arrived."

Point 2

Now it's time to decide whether you want to set up your campaign as a Pay Per Click or Pay Per Campaign and what your campaign budget will look like.

For Rose & Co, we would say "we want potential audiences to be redirected to our website and see our online store. We will, therefore, select a Pay Per Click campaign and we want to achieve a maximum amount of 1,500 clicks with a CPC of €1".

Point 3

You're almost done from Step 1. You just need to submit a start & end date for your campaign. These are the dates during which your Influencer should be posting and promoting your content.

You can also decide what languages you want the content to be produced in by your Influencers.

For Rose & Co, "we will select to run this campaign for 1 week and we only want content to be produced in English".

Step 2

So your Influencers now know what the campaign is about. Now it's time to give them more information on the type of content they need to create - this includes both images & text. Welcome to Step 2.

Campaign Brief Step 2
Point 1

You will need to submit some creative images and designs such as actual artwork, logos or an image of a setting featuring your product. You can specify in the section below (Description) whether the images you are submitting are there to actually be used in the content they create or whether they are simply there to give ideas.

Here we also give you some size guides.

For Rose & Co "we will attach an image of a logo and of the new collection. We encourage our influencers to use their creative photography skill and take cool images of our website, or of our storefront to use across social media. However please feel free to also use the images we have attached. This would allow you (the influencer) to use your own talent. "

Point 2

Now time for content instructions. You will need to do this for each language you select. Add any content instructions you want including content ideas such as particular phrases or hashtags.

As we mentioned please specify whether the content description & images you are uploading are to be used or are simply there for guidelines & inspiration purposes.

In our case, we would say" Please use your own phrases or content but we want you to convey the excitement that the new collection is available and can be purchased both instore or online. We would also like to build the popularity of our hashtags #rose&colove #R&Cnewcollection.

Step 3

You're getting closer to the end.

In Step 3 you will select the Influencers who you feel should work on this campaign.

Campaign Brief Step 3
Point 1

So it is time to select the influencers that you want to work on your campaign. Who has the best audience that matches this campaign's needs, who has the best content creation skills that are aligned with the scope of this campaign? Who will you send the Campaign Brief to?

You can select between a Public campaign, which will be sent to all the influencers you are connected to or you may select a Private which will sent to the select few influencers that you choose from those that you are connected to.

For Rose & Co "we want all the influencers we are connected to since we only connect to those who have a lifestyle & fashion category listed.".

Point 2

Give your Influencers some more information. Talk to them about ways of sharing the content, social media preferences and perhaps some details about your target audience.

Rose & Co wants to highlight  "we would love our influencers to share across blogs but also on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We would love for your to take a short video of you scrolling through our site and post this on Instagram.".

Point 3

You have the possibility to select some fields here to give your Influencer an idea of who the target audience really is.

In our case, we would mention that "our target audience is between the age of 20-30 and they are a savvy group."

Step 4

You have finally arrived at Step 4. Phew.

Ok so here you will see a summary of your Campaign Brief. You can easily go back and amend some details.

You will need to make a pre-payment for the campaign at this stage before the campaign goes live. If you already have a full wallet then you will not need to top-up. At this stage, you are also charged a booking fee allowing Infiltrend to process the Campaign.

At the end of the campaign, if all you campaign budget was not used, it will be re-added to your wallet. You then have the option to contact us on [email protected] and we will refund you this amount.