If you, a brand, create a campaign using Infiltrend and set it up as a ‘Pay Per Click’ campaign, you will provide a  link towards that campaign.

This link or URL, is a landing page, website, facebook page or any ‘destination’ that you want your Influencers to use in their content and that you want the ultimate audiences to reach. Infiltrend will track this link. Any clicks on the link by the ultimate audience of the influencer, will be called a 'Conversion'.

If you, an influencer, participate in said campaign, you will receive the URL that is attached to that campaign. You must use this URL in any of the content you create. Embed it in the text & images you add to your blog post or add it to your social media posts. Remember, any clicks you receive (any time your audience clicks on that link) you receive a commission. Each click is called a 'Conversion'. The commission is decided by the brand at the start of the campaign.

When a brand sends a Campaign Brief to an influencer, they don't actually see the same URL the brand added. Instead, they see a URL Shortener.

So what is a URL shortener?

Infiltrend takes the URL the brand has uploaded, and adds a tracking code to this. We do this per each influencer. Thus if there are 10 influencers, each one will receive a slightly different code. The URL shortener, once clicked on, will link back to the ultimate destination link that the brand wants. However because of the tracking code, Infiltrend will be able to monitor each time it is clicked.

The beginning of the URL shortener will look like this - -followed by you unique code.

Thus, Infiltrend will track each click per each influencer. For you, the brand, you are able to see how many clicks are received in total & per influencer. For you, the Influencer, you see the exact clicks you generated for a campaign.

Whoever is reading or viewing the content that an influencer has created, and clicks through, will in their address bar, see a very quick flip from the URL shortener associated with the campaign to the desired landing page. It is almost unnoticeable.

When the Infiltrend URL shortener is used in any content created by the influencer, any time it is clicked, the brand has made a conversion, and the influencer has earned a monetary commission each time it is clicked on.