Influencer generated content

The reasons to work with influencers are many. It isn’t just a buzz word or a trend. There is real evidence and need to use influencer marketing. It’s not just because ‘it’s online’ because with that logic spend all your marketing budget on pop-up ads, banner ads and paid for ads on social media profiles. But no, because most of your consumers have ad-blockers downloaded and tend to ignore and scroll past your paid for ads.

Influencer marketing is a solid form of marketing that is necessary to connect with your audiences in the modern world we live. And today we’re here to discuss another reason as to why you need to use influencer marketing and that is influencer generated content.

Yes, working with influencer, so sending them product and paying them them to create content allows you, the brand, to have a large portfolio of content.  This without the price of a set, a new concept, millions of photographs etc. Here is a bit more understanding about influencer generated content:

-Content is king- Yep you know this. But you might under estimate how much content is needed on an almost daily basis for your brand. This may be for be for blogs, emails and your social media profiles. It’s quite difficult to constantly create content though. It requires time, planning and investment. We’re not saying don’t prepare content, but use the influencers content to fill up your in betweens. This being said, always work with influencers who match you brand needs and brand goals.

-Quality content - Work with influencer who are content creators that either match your brand personality or who create content in a way you admire and can’t re create.

-User generate content vs influencer content - We know you can rely on user generated content, and this is something that’s great. Burberry recently ran a campaign encouraging their trench users to post photos of them in their trench. Burberry then reused these photos in store. However, this is more of a PR stunt. You users and customers, as lovely as they are, are not content creators. They don’t know how to take content that needs to show off the right touch points of the products and brand.

-Good influencers & good creators  - As we always preach, don’t just look at an influencers popularity. Look at who they are as content creators.  Good influencer create content centered around your brand and product that encourages eye-balling and at the same time, they are aware and know how to encourage a call-to-action.

So yes get influencers to work for your brand. Ensure that you can use the content they produce across your social media platforms.

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