We're a talent agency in Malta for influencers



Infiltrend. That’s our name that is who we are.

We’re all about influencers we’re all about trends we’re all about business. But we couldn’t do what we do without the talent of our influencers.

Influencers, or as we also call them, content creators are talented individuals. They have garnered a strong following, an audience, a community. This has happened because the content they create and share is interesting, exciting and appealing to the eyes.

As a content creator, you may have a Youtube channel, a blog, a cool Facebook page or Instagram profile. Whatever it is, the images and the content you document is engaging enough that your following are loyal. They know you, they trust you and they want to be like you.

At Infiltrend we appreciate this. We are aware that as an influencer, you are also a business in your own right. We want to help you navigate the road to ensure that any partnerships you take on make sense for you. We give you the tools to ensure these partnerships are successful.

Shortly we will begin to launch a series of events for our content creators and other aspiring creators. The format of the events will be a workshop in which we discuss various subjects from how to grow a following, to what filter is best to use, how to manage your business partnerships and everything in between.

Keep in touch with us to find out more, and remember to join our influencer network. Lots of paid for branded content opportunities will come your way of which you are at driver's seat to accept or not. Send us an email on [email protected] for more information.