So what exactly is Infiltrend all about?

Infiltrend is a platform that aims to make influencer marketing accessible, organised, easy to manage and scalable. It’s a solution that works for any size of team, in whatever industry and for any budget. It easily connects brands and influencers together, keeping everything organized and allowing social media influencer marketing to become the focus for both parties.

We love that we’ve built a solution that the Infiltrend team forever wished we had in our previous jobs. Infiltrend allows brands to team up with one or more influencers, and develop a campaign to approach their audience. The influencer then creates content and lets the magic happen. It’s a win-win, because brands can buy into an attentive, engaged audience, painstakingly curated by an influencer, while influencers can innovate and generate fresh content inspired by their favourite brands.

Gone are the days of shared Excel sheets full of names and URLs, impressions and CPAs, e-mails and chats. Infiltrend connects brands to the right influencers with just a few simple clicks. The user-friendly Infiltrend dashboard gives you quick and easy access to all the stats you need to make informed decisions, while our data tracks the engagement levels and performance of your campaigns. It’s the fairest, simplest, most transparent model out there.

Infiltrend is currently based both in Malta and London, but our solution reaches across borders. Discover it now, wherever you may be!

Infiltrend Platform