Kellogg's sees influence through Infiltrend

Infiltrend recently worked on a very exciting campaign. Kellogg’s, the cereal brand, approached us to run an influencer marketing campaign for two of their products- Special K and Crunchy Muesli.

Next, we needed to find influencers who had the right audiences. The audience of an influencer is just as important & critical as the influencer.  Picking the right influencers is strategic to a campaign.

Since the products had little digital presence we wanted to make an impact so we wanted to recruit a good pool of influencers for both products. We launched the Special K campaign first and after a short break, we launched the Crunchy Muesli campaign. However, for both launches, the influencers were activated at the same time. We, therefore, saw a storm of Kellogg's content all over Facebook and Instagram in the right communities.

Through the campaign, we generated over 65 pieces of content and we have 136,000 eyeballs viewing the content. We split the content into both Facebook and Instagram over a 2 month period. The right # were used on Instagram to increase search of the campaign.

Influencer Content- Kelloggs

For this campaign Infiltrend was involved with:

  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Brief Building
  • Influencer Selection
  • Influencer Management
  • Post-campaign Analysis

Influencer marketing can work for all scenarios and all industries. It's really about creating the ideal campaigns to reach your goals, identifying the content needed and the message that should be portrayed and finally partnering with the right influencer who can deliver this message to the right audience.

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